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The signal light manufacturer introduces you to the PBM-8I model indicator

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  The signal light manufacturer introduces you to the PBM-8I model indicator
Signal manufacturers specialize in the production of switches, electronic signal lights and other electronic products。 Today, we mainly talk about some things about signal lights。 Signal lights are widely used in various fields, and there must be signal lights in the fields related to electricity。 Because now is the age of technology, what is done through the machine, through electricity, and the machine does not speak, then how does it tell people its own operational status? It is through the signal light to tell everyone about his working state。 For example, the red light stops the green light。 This rule that everyone knows is the signal light to tell everyone about the situation on the road now。      However, there are many fields in which signal lamps are used。 In some areas, the requirements for signal lamp manufacturers are different。 For example, some have to withstand high temperatures, some must be made of metal, and some must be waterproof, so there are many kinds of signals。 Today, I will tell you about the PBM-8I model signal lamp produced by the signal lamp manufacturer。
  The signal lamp of the PBM-8I model produced by the signal manufacturer Desheng Electronics has passed the rigorous test and has reached the IP68 level. It can work within 10 meters under water. The radius of the LED lamp is 1.5 mm and the rated voltage is 3-220V. The colors are mainly red, green, blue, purple and other colors. Our products come standard with fixing screws and waterproof pads. The products support CE international standards and ROHS environmental protection standards. The main application areas are machine tools, textile industry, transportation industry, electronics industry, computer peripheral equipment and other fields. At the same time, we will also inform customers of the wiring method and color selection, etc. The product life can be tested up to 80,000 hours to ensure the product's quality service life. Let customers buy the rest assured, use the comfort.
Most of the products produced by the signal lamp manufacturers have a certain waterproof effect, which ensures the safety of the operators and avoids accidents. For the selection of electronic products, it is closely related to our safety of electricity, we must choose the quality of the products, but you believe that Desheng Electronics will not let you down. Signal manufacturers have always been the industry's conscience products, welcome new and old customers to inquire and order.

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